What’s Your Passion? A Digital Story

For this blog post, I created a digital story, telling of my own struggle with finding a passion, and my place in a world of people I saw as better than me.

I chose to discuss this story because it is something that means a lot to me as I have learned to find where I am happiest spending my time, and when you can find that, it is the most amazing thing in the world. I really enjoyed creating this digital story in this format, because, like the video shows, I enjoy being creative! I started by writing out what I was going to say, and recorded that, overlaying photos on top as I saw fit. I tried to think of what kind of music would fit the tone of my story well, and chose a soft guitar instrumental. I wanted to portray a nostalgic, happy story. I altered the way the photos zoomed in as they played to mostly not have much movement, for a softer look, as well as zooming in on me for clarity, if there were multiple people in the photo.

I think this has a lot of the characteristics discussed about digital storytelling, such as including multimedia, like photos, voice over and music. It also was short and sweet, but I hope it still told a meaningful story. Finally, it was a personal story that I think can be applied universally, as I’m sure that at some point or another people have wondered where their place is, or what they are good at.



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