Pry: Mood Board

Pry is an app that was developed by Danny Cannizzaro and Samantha Gorman through Tender Claws. The app tells the story of James, a war veteran struggling with what seems like post traumatic stress disorder. The audience views the story through James’ point of view, with the help of their interaction. This is an example of touchscreen or interactive fiction.

I chose to create a mood board based off of the story of Pry, because so much of the story is viewed in James’ memory flashbacks, and many subconscious disorganized thoughts, and so I felt that a digital collage is a similar idea in terms of its freeform and disorganization. I collected photos that were relevant to the story, such as a red bridge, the story of Jacob and Esau with Braille over-layed on top, a construction site and playing cards. I also chose some images that came to mind when I thought of this story, such as dark splotches of ink, free and flowing, much like James’ mind, as well as a blurry view of a busy street, to illustrate James’ disorientation at times. I included words that I thought of when brainstorming about this story, such as ‘memories’, since so many memories are shown throughout, as well as ‘time’, next to a watch to show of the time passing so pointlessly in his life while he is in this PTSD state. I included ‘darkness’, ‘anxious’ and ‘trapped’, because I feel like James is being trapped in the darkness with his condition and his guilt and frustration with the situation that happened with Jessie and Luke. This all leads to him being anxious and confused and frustrated with a lot of things in his life.

Mood Board

Creating this mood board was a good exercise for me to dive deeper into the mood and meaning of this story, that was cleverly told through an interactive digital platform. Pry is a compelling story that is able to draw in the audience and stir their emotions as they feel for James and his struggle.

Mood Board Created at

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